Chris Kidawski has been transforming lives in the health and fitness profession for the last 20 years. Armed with his Master’s in Kinesiology from the University of Hawai’i, he helps heal and reverse disease from the inside out. Chris has trained people in all walks of life including, but not limited to, Navy SEALs, professional athletes, World Champion mixed martial artists, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and people just like you!

Chris has dedicated himself to discovering the truth about all aspects of health and wellness and has become as complete of a life coach as you can get. He has written three books so far, The Death Of Dieting, which teaches you how to lose weight and detoxify your body with natural, wholesome food, The Everspace, which teaches you how to operate from a place of stillness to achieve success in your life, and The Back Pain Bible, which is a breakthrough step by step process to eradicate chronic back pain.

Chris now lives and runs his business Influential Health Solutions from sunny South Florida, but also does public speaking engagements and seminars in Universities, Corporations, and gyms all over the country. He has been featured on many podcasts where he dives deeper into his body/spirit/mind paradigm of human health and thoroughly enjoys opening up people’s lives with his information. For speaking engagements contact Chris at