1. How would we define success? would it be weight lost at the end of 6 months? 

-Success to me no matter what you are trying to talk about is not only what you do, but how easily you do it.  So success in this instance would be two fold 1) how much weight you lost at the end of 6 months, and 2) how easy it was. Bonus factor would be to get you off of all meds except for birth control obviously.


  1. What if i dont like the coffee?  I currently drink iced coffee.

-You can make iced coffee with my recipe as well. If you don’t like it we can still work around it as long as you still drink coffee. It blunts hunger in the morning and has very healthy oils and polyphenols every persons system needs.


  1. Am I going to have to eat food I dont like (egg, chicken, advocado) I feel like I had to do this when I followed Alessi’s plan. 

-Please reply with a list of foods you like (besides sugar) and foods you dislike. People don’t eat what they dislike on my diet, that would be stupid and hard. I like easy. Tell me what you like to eat and we will work around it. Remember the foods you eat feed bacteria in your gut and they then send signals for more of the same. When you change what you eat, you get new cravings for the proper foods. Many clients have said, “I can’t believe i’m eating (enter alleged disgusting food), but I LOVE it now.


  1. I drink poland spring water.  Am I going to have to give this up?

-No, however, if it comes in a plastic container of any sort realize you are consuming estrogen mimicking hormones with your water leaching out of the plastic. Even if it says BPA free.


  1. I dont cook and I dont know how to cook.  on the rare occasion I do, I dont like my cooking.  How is this going to work? 

-The lists I give you to eat from give you almost an infinite amount of possible combinations to buy food that was already prepared. Cooking on my diets is also very easy. find a seasoning you like for your meats, and salt and pepper the rest to taste. You can eat as much of what I direct you to as you desire. I want you full and happy, never starving.


  1. Because I am a female, will my diet change based on my cycle?  I have been having issues lately with cramping, nausea, headaches, etc for the week before and of my period.

-These negative side effects are a result of your body being very far out of balance. Toxic systems will always incur more pain.

I havent gone to the doctor because I dont want to be on any more medications.  It seems to be getting worse as I get older and I really believe this is something that can be controlled by diet, not pills.

-You are correct.  When you balance out your body with food, balance your gut flora, your emotions will balance as well.


  1. I am on the following medications/supplements
    • -paxil (anxiety)
    • -xanax (anxiety)
    • -doxycycline (acne)
    • -birth control
    • -Fish oil
    • -Magnesium
    • -B supplement


  1. I have back issues. It depends which doctor you ask to find out what exactly is wrong with it.  MRI showed a slight herniation but anyone over 30 has one.

I go to a chiropractor 1 time every 3 weeks and he keeps me in check.  he believes it is muscle imblance.  (he is is a weird chiropractor, he does not crack anything.  he uses a “pen” and a table that sorta slides).

-I can send you a copy of my book The Back Pain Bible. Also, realize negative emotions and anxiety manifest themselves as back pain. Look up the mind body connection and John Sarno.


  1. When I went to Alessi Fit they used a DEXA scan to measure fat loss.  This scan showed I have no cartilage left in my knees.  

-Do your knees hurt? I’m not sure how they measured your cartilage using a bone density scan. Sounds fishy, or I don’t have all of the information.


  1. Well I hate exercising, I would love to find  one that I don’t mind.  I do not like being weak.  I do not like my posture all jacked up because I sit at a desk all day. 

-Once you feel comfortable CrossFit is the only exercise regimen I recommend. I would find the best one in your area for you.


  1. I am a slow learner when it comes to this stuff. I think its because I have been pulled in so many different directions that it all gets confusing in my mind.  You will definitely have to be patient.

-If you appreciate patience like I do, you never choose a time not to practice it.


  1. Since I have to be honest, I have to tell you this.   That week or so that I was going back and forth with my husband on whether or not I could work with you I ate like crap.  When I get down/upset/depressed I eat crap.  Basically ice cream, pizza and beer.  It also didn’t help that he was out of town and when he is gone I am like a kid whose parents are out of town.  He is very disciplined.  I have been nervous to step on a scale so I don’t know what kind of damage I have done.

-Thank you for being honest, we may have started in a little bit bigger hole, but that’s ok.  You can undo that damage by the end of the week if you stay disciplined. Don’t worry about the scale just yet, I want you feeling and thinking better, and healthier first, weight loss second.


  1. Did you said yesterday that I should eat food out of each category at each meal?

-Nope, eat what you want.  Sometimes I’ll sit down and eat just a steak.  Sometimes it will be steak, avocado, and asparagus. Depends on my hunger/cravings.


  1. is it ok if I stick with the list but make a slow change over to organic/grass fed?  actually it is not the organic part that is the problem it is the grass fed.  I also don’t know if I have ever seen organic turkey or ham.

-Turkey is too lean, don’t eat too much of it, and ham is fine. Making a slow change is fine also.


  1. Can I have my kombucha daily? or should I restrict it?  it is Bootleg Kombucha and is 35 calories per serving with 6 grams of sugar

-You can have it daily.  No problem. I’m really glad you like it!


  1. can I still take my supplements (fish oil (cold pressed), magnesium, B)



  1. Can I have hummus?  (I have been eating this lately with cauliflower and it actually really satisfies my hunger.  The chickpeas are cooked so I wasn’t sure if that be ok)



  1. Can I have cucumbers?



  1. Can  I have carrots?



  1. Can I have taco seasoning?

-Once a week, the peppers contain lectins activated by heat


  1. I get a lot of frozen mixed vegetables.  are these ok if there is a veggie in there that I should not have if I pick it out?  or should  I avoid these?  (ex water chesnuts)

-Yes, I prefer frozen veggies actually


  1. How often can I eat ground beef if it is grass fed (This is actually affordable and easy to get)

-Every day, the fatter the better, like 70/30, or 80/20.  It’s cheap too because people are afraid of the fat! Lol!


  1. Tonight I got the basamati  rice and OMG  it was amazing! I have not had rice in over a year.  Are you sure I shouldn’t do portion control because I ate a ton of it?

-If you’re eating it at night I’m not super worried, but yes, too much of anything is not good, pour some XCT oil, or grass fed butter on it and it will satiate you much faster!


  1. I read on your website something about Udo’s oil.  Is that something I should get? I get hungry at night a lot and wondered if that would help.

-Yes.  I would take a tablespoon after every meal, especially if you have an early dinner. Also, we will start doing a Bragg’s apple cider vinegar shot before bed too. It normalizes your blood sugar and populates your good gut bacteria amazingly well!


  1. For the past ten years I have had pizza ever Friday night.  It has always been my cheat night no matter what program I was doing.   I am going to struggle with giving this up.  I was going to have my beer this night.  Any tips on how to handle this so I don’t go nuts?

– Look up recipes for cauliflower pizza, or sweet potato pizza and make it with your husband as a date night. I’m sure he would be super stoked and you guys can have a beer together as well. My girlfriend and I have tried both the cauliflower crust pizza and sweet potato crust pizza and both are AMAZING. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, and you will fulfill your craving.